3 important rules to make life more enjoyable

Dear friends, sometimes we think about how to make life more enjoyable? So in this article, I will give you three tips to make like more enjoyable.

How  to make life more enjoyable

So to make like more enjoyable we should try to eliminate the ego or extract our ego.

Ego – Starts with self, but ends with everything

How to distract the ego? So, first of all, let, us understand what is ego? I found this beautiful definition from the Internet.

Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.” If you say someone has “a big ego,” then you are saying he is too full of himself. Our ego is directly connected with how to make life more enjoyable

By means, this ego is limited to self. Considering everything for self is ego. Thinking always for self is called ego. Doing anything from self is ego etc.

So when we think about this ego, sometimes mind thinks like how to distract ego from our life? Are there any solutions to this? I would like to say yes, a solution is there. So I have found the following e points which help you to make life more enjoyable.

Getting something “new”, trying something “new”, change the outlook towards everything is the solution. We can update ourselves.

Getting something new

Every day we are getting a deposit of 24 hours in our life in the morning when we are getting up. When we are getting these 24 hours, these 24 four hours we are getting fresh and new. So how to use them that we have to think.

Trying something new

Try something new or doing routine work in different styles. It will give satisfaction to our work and efforts. When we are doing something in our own style we are always forgetting what we are.

Change outlook towards everything

The important thing for our life is our outlook towards everything. Whether it is a situation or person or anything. Outlook should be different. When outlook will change everything will change.


So these three points help us to distract our ego and enable us to make our life enjoyable.

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