Are you stduent of Artificial Intelligence Class 9 or Class 10?

What are the steps involved in AI Project cycle? Here it is!

The first stage of AI Project cycle is Problem scoping. What it is! Read in short!

Data Acquisition is the second stage of AI project cycle. It includes Acquiring data from vairous sources like Sensors, Cameras, Surveys, web scrapping etc.   

There are two approaches:
1. Rule Based
    - Algorithms
    - Programming
2. Learning based
   - Machine Learning
   - Deep Learning

Data exploration means understadning data patterns, trends and relationships. It is popularly done thorugh various data visualization techniqiues. 

Evaluation refers to the testing of model. In this stage four main parameters involved:
1. Accuracy
2. Precision
3. Recall
4. F1 Score

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