Features of MS Word 2016 – QnA Class 5

Exercises Features of MS Word 2016 provides you questions and answers for features like spelling and grammar, thesaurus, find and replace, bullets and numbering and change case.

Features of MS Word 2016 – Textbook Exercise

Objective type questions

Fill in the blanks

  1. Grammatical
  2. Synonyms
  3. Find
  4. Editing
  5. Bullet


  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True


  1. i. Red
  2. ii. Review
  3. ii. Add
  4. iii. Change All
  5. iv. Capitalize each word

Short answer questions(2/3 marks)

Review Tab

[1] What do you mean by thesaurus?

The thesaurus is an important feature provided by MS Word that displays a list of synonyms or word meanings of a selected word.

[2] What are bullets?

Bullets are dots or symbols that are used to make a list of different items in a word document. For example, a list of stationery items you are using every day, a list of ingredients of a recipe your mother is cooking, etc.

Bullets and Numbering

[3] How to apply bullets and numbering?

  1. Place a cursor from where you want to begin your list.
  2. Click on Home –> Bullets and Numbering option from Paragraph group. Bullets and numbering drop-down appear.
  3. Select desired bullets or number styles from the drop-down list.
  4. The bullets and numbered list will be applied to your content.

[4] How to remove bullets?

  1. Select the portion in the document where bullets are applied.
  2. Click on Home –> Bullets and Numbering option from Paragraph group.
  3. Select None.

[5] What are the symbols?

Symbols are signs or special characters that can be inserted in a word document. For example hearts, stars, arrows etc.

Change Case

[6] List out the change case options provided by MS word and explain each of them in one line.

The change case in MS word provides following cases:

  1. Sentence Case: Convert first letter of each sentence into capital
  2. lowercase: Converts all letters into small
  3. UPPERCASE: Converts entire text into capital
  4. Capitalize Each Word: Converts the first letter of each word into capital
  5. tOGGLE cASE: Convert capital letters to small and vice versa

Long answer questions(5 marks) – Features of MS Word 2016

Spelling and Grammar

[1] What are the ways to check spelling and grammar mistakes in MS Word?

MS Word checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes by its feature called Spelling and Grammar.

It indicates red zigzag or wavy underlines for spelling mistakes, blue and green for grammatical mistakes.

There are three ways to check spelling and grammar in MS Word:

  1. Do right click on mistake and select the correct option from the menu
  2. Go to Review –> Spelling and Grammar option
  3. Short cut key F7

[2] How to check spelling and grammar using review tab?

  1. Place the cursor from where you want to start spelling and grammar.
  2. Click on Review –> Spelling & Grammar option from the proofing tab.
  3. Select the correct spelling from the suggestions opened in the suggestions box.
  4. Click on the change button to change once or the Change All button to change all occurrences of the word.
  5. Repeat these steps the message appears – “Spelling and Grammar check is complete”
  6. Click on OK.

[3] How to check the synonyms of a word in MS Word document?

  1. Select a word to check synonym.
  2. Click on Review –> Thesaurus from Proofing group.
  3. Select the desired word from the Thesaurus pane available on the right side of your document.
  4. If you wish to copy it, point your mouse cursor on the word and click the Insert or copy option.
  5. Return to your main document when finished.

Find and Replace

[4] How to replace a word in MS Word?

  1. Click on Home –> Replace option from from editing group.
  2. The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
  3. Type a word you want to replace in “Find What” box.
  4. Type a desired word in “Replace with” box.
  5. Now click on Replace button to replace the word only once or click on Replace All button to replace a word at all places from the document.
  6. Click on OK button when it show the dialog box “All Done, We made n replacements.”

[5] How to insert symbols in word document?

  1. Place the cursor at the desired location.
  2. Select Inset –> Symbols option from Symbols group.
  3. A list of symbols appears, select the desired symbol from the list.
  4. If you need more symbols, click on More Symbols options.
  5. Select the desired symbol and click on the Insert button.
  6. When a symbol is inserted into your document click on the close button.

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