QnA GoalSeek and Solver

This article focuses on QnA for GoalSeek and Solver topic from Unit 2 Electronic SpreadSheet (advanced) of Information Technology 402.

Objective Type Questions

1 Mark Questions (Fill in the blanks, MCQ , True/False or one word answer)

1 A _______ feature provides a target based result and informs the user about the changes in value in the applied formula.

Ans.: GoalSeek

2 To run a GoalSeek, at least one of the values for an argument must be

a) value

b) range

c) cell reference

d) b and c

Ans.: Option d) b and c

3 How many arguments can be altered in GoalSeek?

Ans.: One

4 You cannot replace the original value with GoalSeek resultant value. (True/False)

Ans.: False

5 You must place a cursor in a formula cell before using GoalSeek. (True/False)

Ans.: True

6 A ___________ option displays a cell address in GoalSeek dialogbox.

Ans.: Formula Cell

7 Which of the following option is used to type a resultant value to achieve the goal?

a) Goal Value

b) Target Value

c) Variable Value

d) GoalSeek Value

Ans. b) Target Value

8 The ______________ option allows to select a cell to display or set the result value in a GoalSeek dialog box.

Ans.: Variable Cell

9 OO Calc display the change of value in which of the following?

a) In the variable cell

b) In the dialog box

c) In a message

d) All of the above

Ans.: a) In the variable cell

10 When you click on OK button in GoalSeek dialogbox, ____________ will appear in OO Calc.

Ans.: GoalSeek Successful Message box

11 The GoalSeek Successful Message box will show only the target value as result. (True/False)

Ans.: False

12 A ___________ feature is more elaborate form of GoalSeek.

Ans. Solver

13 Which feature of OO Calc deals with formulas with multiple unknown value?

Ans.: Solver

14 Click on __________ -> ___________ to open GoalSeek dialog box.

Ans: Tools –> GaolSeek

15 Click on _______ -> _______ to open solver dialog box.

Ans.: Tools –> Solver

16 You can set any kind of value like greater than, lesser than, equal or specific value using solver. (True/False)

Ans.: True

17 You can optimize result to which of the following using solver?

a) Best value, Value of, Exact Value

b) Maximum, Minimum, Value of

c) Less Than, Greater than or Equal to

d) All of the above

18 In solver dialog box ____________ option indicates the formula cell.

Ans.: Target Cell

19 You cannot select any range for changing cells option in the Solver dialog box. (True/False)

Ans.: False

20 The solver dialog box displays the the value as a result in a result message box. (True/False)

Ans.: False

2/3 Marks Questions

1 What do you mean by GoalSeek?

2 What are the basic predefined requirements for using GoalSeek?

3 Distinguish the Formula Cell and Variable cell.

4 Enlist the options provided by GoalSeek and explain all of them in one line each.

5 What is Solver?

6 What is role of optimized result to option in Solver dialog box?

7 What are the options available in options button of Solver dialog box?

8 What happens when click on Solve button?

5 marks questions

1 Write the complete procedure to perform GoalSeek in OO Calc.

2 Write the complete procedure to use solver in OO Calc.

Refer Notes section to get the answers.

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