In this article, you will get assignment share and review spreadsheet for CBSE IT 402 for class 10.

Assignment share and review spreadsheet – Objective type questions

Fill in the blanks, MCQs and True/False – (1 Mark)

[1] When the files are shared with multiple users, it is available in ________ mode.

–> read-only

[2] Which of the following task must be done before sharing?

a) You must apply proper formatting

b) You must save the document

c) You must complete the data entry

d) All of these

[3] The share workbook option is available under ________ group of review tab.

–> Changes

[4] The “Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging” option is available under “advanced” tab of share workbook dialog box. (True/False)

[5]Most of the spreadsheet software automatically turn off some features in shared workbook book. (True/False)

[6] Which of the following options are turned off when the spreadsheet is shared?

a) Save

b) Merge Cells

c) Formatting

d) Wrap Text

[7] Shared  workbooks don’t allow __________, _______, & inserting ______ or ________

–> merging cells, conditional formatting, pictures, graphs

[8] Which of the following option allows to record and highlight the changes done by other users in shared workbook?

a) Track Changes

b) Comments

c) Protect Workbook

d) Share workbook

[9] To highlight changes click on ______ –> _______ –> _______ from changes group.

–> Review, Track Changes, Highlight Changes

[10] Which of the following is not available in the highlight changes dialog box?

a) When – The location where changes highlighted

b) Who – The user by whom the changes done

c) Where – Cells or range of cells to be highlight

d) Entire Worksheet

[11] Which of the following option is displayed in when the combo box in highlight changes the dialog box by default?

a) Since I last save

b) All

c) Not yet review

d) Since Date

[12] Which of the following option is selected by default under who option in highlight changes dialog box?

a) Administrator

b) Guest

c) User name who logged in

d) Everyone

[13] You can only list the changes in the current workbook itself. (True/False)

[14] The _______ are the additional information provided by the user on specific changes or to highlight work done the another user in spreadsheet.

–> Comments

[15] User can insert a new comment through ________ –> ________ option from comments section.

–> Review, New Comment

[16] Which of the following is short cut key new insert new comment?

a) Shift + F1

b) Shift + F2

c) Shift + F3

d) Shift + F4

[17] The New Comment option is replaced by Edit Comment when user want to edit the comment after insertion. (True/False)

[18] You cannot hide the comments once inserted. (True/False)

[19] The user can accept or reject changes anytime in shared workbook. (True/False)

[20] To accept the changes done in spreadsheet, click on _______ –> _________ –> ________ option from changes group.

–> Review, Track Changes, Accept/Reject Changes

[21] User can accept or reject changes done the specific user as well as all users. (True/False)

[22] By default, the merge and compare sheet option is not available in the worksheet. (True/False)

[23] You must copy the worksheet before merge and compare with original. (True/False)

[24] The merge and compare option automatically update the changes found in the copied worksheet. (True/False)

[25] When you reject the changes, the comments also gets deleted. (True/False)

Short answer questions (2/3 marks)

Find your answers in these notes:

[1] What are the advantages of sharing worksheet data?

[2] Write steps to share the the spreadsheet.

[3] Explain various options available in share workbook dialog box.

[4] How to highlight changes down by other users in shared workbook?

[5] List and Explain the options provided Highlight Changes dialog box.

[6] What are the role of comments in spreadsheet?

[7] How to insert a new comment?

[8] Write steps to edit comment.

[9] How to delete comment(s)?

[10] Explain the options available to format the comment.

[11] Elaborate the steps to accept all the changed done the user in spreadsheet.

[12] Enlist steps to reject the changes one by one.

[13] How to add merge and compare option in Review tab?

[14] How to add merge and compare option in quick access toolbar?

[15] Write steps to compare and merge spreadsheet.

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