Assessment – Subtotals in OO Calc

 Very short answer questions : (1 Mark)

1. The ___________ feature allows us to make a total of given data into a group with row labels and column headers. 
2. Click subtotals option is available under __________ menu to open subtotals dialog box.
3. Which of the following tab is not a part of the subtotals dialog box?
A) First Group         b) 2nd Group                    c) Third Group                d) Options
4. The sort option is available in __________ tab of subtotals dialog box. 
5. You cannot apply custom sort order into subtotals. (True/False)
6. You can apply subtotals according to columns order which is given in worksheet only. (True/False)
7. The ________ option pops up a drop-down list which contains columns to group by for subtotals.
8. You cannot apply subtotals if the worksheet doesn’t have proper row labels and column headers. (True/False)
9. To display the sum of values _________ option must be checked in the subtotals dialog box.
10. To see the different levels of subtotals the _________ is generated in front of row numbers. 


1. Subtotals
2. Data
3. A ) First Group
4. Options
5. False
6. False
7. Group By
8. True
9. Calculate subtotals for
10. Outline or Hierarchy of row labels

Short Answer questions : (2/3 Marks)

2. What are the common functions available in subtotal dialog box?
Ans.: The common functions available in the subtotals dialog box are as following:
  1. Sum
  2. Average
  3. Max
  4. Min
  5. Count

3. List out different tabs available in the subtotals dialog box?

Ans.: The subtotals dialog box has the following tabs:
  1. 1st Group
  2. 2nd Group
  3. 3rd Group
  4. Option

4. Explain the 1st group tab in short.

Ans.: The 1st group tab in the first tab of the subtotals dialog box. It provides 3 options:
  1. Group By: This option provides on the drop-down list of column headers used in the worksheet. Select the column name which you want to display in the subtotals group.
  2. Calculate subtotals for: It is used to select the value to display the result in a group.
  3. Use Functions: This option is used to select different functions like sum, count, max, min etc.
5. Explain the options tab of subtotals dialog box in short.
Ans.: The options tab of the subtotals dialog box has mainly two options: 
  1. Groups
  2. Sort

The group’s options are applicable to the group and provides following options:

  1. Page break between groups: Display each group on different pages.
  2. Case sensitive: Check the case sensitive data i.e. matches upper and lower case text
  3. Pre-sort area according to groups: It will sort the data according to results

The sort group option provides sorting options like ascending or descending order and custom sort order according to users.

Long answer questions: (5 Marks)

1. Write steps to create or apply subtotals in a worksheet. 
Ans.: To create subtotals or apply subtotals follow the given steps:
  1. Prepare your data.
  2. Click on Data → Subtotals. A subtotals dialog box will appear.
  3. Select the group options like group by, calculate subtotals for, and functions.
  4. Repeat step 3 for more groups. (if required)
  5. Click on the OK button.

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