Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023

In this article, I will give you a comprehensive guide to Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023. This sample paper is developed as per the new paper pattern recommended by CBSE. So let us begin!

Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023

CBSE has recently released sample papers for class 12. This year CBSE has changed the assessment pattern. Watch this video to understand the new assessment pattern and question paper pattern of CBSE.

Sample Paper Pattern CBSE Computer Science Class 11

As per the new pattern, the question paper of computer science class 11 is divided into five sections. From Section A to Section E. Read the general instructions as follows:

  1. This question paper contains five sections, Sections A to E.
  2. All questions are compulsory.
  3. Section A has 18 questions carrying 01 mark each.
  4. Section B has 07 Very Short Answer type questions carrying 02 marks each.
  5. Section C has 05 Short Answer type questions carrying 03 marks each.
  6. Section D has 03 Long Answer type questions carrying 05 marks each.
  7. Section E has 02 questions carrying 04 marks each. One internal choice is given in Q35 against part c only.
  8. All programming questions are to be answered using Python Language only.

So this sample paper consists of questions of 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks, 4 marks and 5 marks.

Halfyearly/MidTerm/PT 2 Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023

Topics covered for the half-yearly exam:

  1. Computer System
  2. Data Representations
  3. Boolean Logic
  4. Introduction to problem-solving
  5. Getting Started with Python
  6. Python Fundamentals

Here I have attached one PDF of Half yearly/MidTerm/PT 2 Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023.

Download Question PaperDownload Answer KeyVideo
Sample Paper 1Answer KeyWatch Now

Annual Exam/YearEnding Exam/Term 2/PT 4 Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023

Let’s discuss Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023 Annual exam. First of see the marks distribution given by CBSE according to units.

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
IComputer Systems and Organisation10
IIComputational Thinking and Programming – 145
IIISociety, Law, and Ethics15

Now let us see the chapter-wise marks distribution for Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023 annual exam. Here it is!

Chapter No.ChapterMarks
 1Computer System4
 2Data Representation3
 3Boolean Logic3
 4Introduction to Problem-Solving5
 5Getting Started with Python2
 6Python Fundamentals4
 7Data Handling4
 8Flow of control6
 9String Manipulations4
 10List Manipulations6
 13Introduction to Python Modules4
 14Society Law & Ethics15

Let us see the blueprint for Computer Science Class 11 Sample Paper 2023 annual exam. This blueprint is prepared according to CBSE sample papers of Class XII. Here it is!

Chapter 1M2M3M4M5MQuestionsMarks
Computer System1124
Data Representation1123
Boolean Logic1123
Introduction to Problem-Solving115
Getting Started with Python222
Python Fundamentals2134
Data Handling1124
Flow of control211*4*11*
String Manipulations11*13*6*
List Manipulations111*14*11*
Introduction to Python Modules114
Society Law & Ethics43*11*9*16*
Total No. of Questions18972541* 
Questions to attempt18752335
Total Marks181415815 70
* internal choice will be provided with OR.

Download Sample Paper Computer Science Class 11 Annual Exam

If you are looking for a complete paper for the class 11 computer science annual exam follow the given links which contain sample paper, answer key, and explanatory videos.

Sr NoSample PaperAnswer KeyYoutube Video
1Sample Paper 1Download NowWatch Now
2Sample Paper 2Download NowWatch Now
3Sample Paper 3Download NowComing Soon…

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